Dirty Girl

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Dirty Girl

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I didn’t know this would become the most intriguing murder case in Western Australia’s history.” – Terry Willesee, journalist
In June 1975, dressed to impress in her finest ball gown, dripping with expensive jewellery and driving a limited edition luxury car, socialite and brothel madam Shirley Finn was invited to the grounds of the Royal Perth Golf Club for a special occasion – her own modern day public execution.

The killers knew they wouldn’t be caught. Their power reigned supreme in one of the most remote and prosperous cities on earth, during an era of police protection and ‘containment’ of organised crime.

Rising out of an abusive welfare system to become a police-protected madam, Shirley’s fate took an astonishing turn towards the top end of town.

As one of Perth’s best-known socialites, she hosted fabulous parties. But her downfall was fast and furious, following fears she might expose money laundering and high-level corruption in ‘The Wild West’ of the seventies.

[Dirty Girl] should be read by all those working in law enforcement agencies, lawmakers, prosecutors and everyone with a concern for justice, and interested in the history of this state…referred to by some as “The Wild West”.
– Malcolm McCusker AC CVO QC, Governor of Western Australia, 2011-2014

An important historical document that reveals the secrets and lies of powerful interests, criminal and political. 
– David Whish-Wilson

Further information: www.fontainepress.com/dirtygirl


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